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Our respected tutoring center can help with most subjects: math, writing, reading, study skills, SAT preparation and many other subjects.

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Our team works with students and families on all aspects of learning – not just schoolwork.

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We test to discover learning style and learning difficulties of each student.

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English language classes are open to everyone, no matter at what level you’re starting.

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We are a nonprofit that offers educational assessment, tutoring and counseling to school age children, their families and adults. Doing better in academics can mean doing better in life.


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  • Mercy Education is dedicated to helping children who are the victims of bullying. Call us at 737-6026 to find out how you can help or if you need assistance. Our counselors are here to provide support and information on taking a stand against bullying.

    On Sept. 9, 2013, 12-year-old Rebecca "Becca" Sedwick did not go to school. Although the incessant physical bullying she had experienced had subsided since she transferred schools, the cyber bullying had intensified. Through social media sites such as Facebook and texting apps such as and Kik, cruel messages tormented Becca, including "You're ugly" and "Why don't you drink bleach and die." When the incidents were reported to the school, the response had been “She needs to get a thicker skin and ignore it,” Rebecca’s mother, Tricia Norman, tells Yahoo News and Finance Anchor, Bianna Golodryga in an emotional interview. On that particular September morning, however, Rebecca could not take it anymore, and climbed a 60-foot tower at an old cement factory, and allegedly leapt to her death.

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    It is reported that one in three children is the victim of bullying at school, and with a growing number of young people online today, cyber bullying is enabling the terror to continue outside of school and into the night. The Kind Campaign, co-founded by Lauren Paul and Molly Thompson, was created to address these alarming statistics, and the harmful and ever-present phenomenon of girl-against-girl bullying in particular. Inspired by their personal experiences of being bullied as schoolchildren, Paul and Thompson now initiate school assemblies in schools across the country with the mission of “bringing awareness and healing to the negative and lasting effects of this girl-against-girl “crime.” In addition, their documentary film on the subject, entitled “Finding Kind,” has been screened in over 300 schools nationwide.

    In addition to focusing on girls who experience bullying and the bullies themselves, they also address what it means to be a bystander. In the documentary, Paul meets a former grade school classmate, Amanda, who was relentlessly picked on because of her weight. Paul, who used to sit next to her in class, apologizes for not sticking up for her or reporting the bullying. Today, Paul reminds children that "you don't necessarily need to get in the middle of some big dramatic fight at school, but just saying “Hi” to someone in the hallways or sitting with someone who sits alone at lunch can literally change their life."

    "Being a girl in school," Thompson explains, "it is really hard to see that this is just one small chapter of your life. And just to know that they are not alone and that through Kind Campaign, there's a support system of hundreds of thousands of females all over the country that are there for them."

    For Tricia Norman, Rebecca's mother, who lost her daughter just over a year ago to bullying, organizations like the Kind Campaign give her hope that other girls will not endure what Rebecca did. With October being National Bullying Prevention Month, the Kind

    Campaign is currently on its sixth annual national anti bullying month-long tour, visiting 30 schools and encouraging thousands of young people to take a stand against bullying.

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